Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Literature Review : Growth of Duckweeds

The plant we are going to use in the experiment will be duckweed, therefore learning about its growth is essential in order to carry out the experiment properly and accurately.

The recommended conditions to grow duckweed in would be with moderate conditions of light and temperature. It must also be contained in a liquid with necessary nutrients. However, duckweed is very adaptable and therefore can grow easily in most conditions

In order to start growing duckweed, it needs to be placed in a container with water in it. Preferably a open container since it will allow the heat to escape, cooling the container. The temperature and light level of the set-up must also be monitored and kept at moderate levels since the experiment is about water quality, therefore other variables must be kept constant. It is important to keep the set up clean. The water will contain a variety of other organisms.  These will include bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoa, and even small multicellular animals and insect larvae. 

All other variables other than the water quality must be kept constant in order for the experiment to be accurate. The conditions the set-up is in must also be suitable for plant growth such that only the water quality might kill the plant.

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